Talk to B & B Tree Service before deciding to remove your tree. Many times we can provide you with an option that will turn a hazardous or nuisance tree into a valuable asset in your landscape.

However if a removal is necessary we have the knowledge, experience, and specialized equipment to remove your tree safely and efficiently. Our goal is to perform a safe removal and a thorough cleanup of debris which ultimately results in minimal or no impact to the surrounding area. Tree work is what we do and we do it very well!

“Large tree work is our specialty”

Why B & B is the right choice for your large tree job:

  1. We start with an informational estimate/tree assessment to discuss your options and answer questions and concerns you may have. We want to make sure our clients receive maximum long term benefits from the job.
  2. If it is a technical tree removal it may be assessed by several of our senior arborists prior to starting to ensure that there is no guess work involved. We know how the job will be done from start to finish before the 1st cut is made. Quite simply, guess work can lead to an injury, property damage, or even death.
  3. If there is any site preparation or hazards associated with the site they will be addressed before the job begins to ensure the safety of you, the crew, the public, and your property. We don’t take chances! We make calculated decisions based on experience.
  4. When it’s time to start the job B & B has the most versatile gear, equipment, and skill set in the province of Saskatchewan. There is not a tree that we can’t work on safely and efficiently, which equates into piece of mind for our clients.
  5. We recognize that the quality of the site cleanup will leave a lasting impression on a customer and we strive to return the surrounding site to the condition it was in when we arrived.