Tree Removal

Did you know that Forestry is one of the most hazardous occupations, second only to fishing? We are urban Foresters, and as such we are experts at removing trees from urban environments. Read more…

Pruning to enhance Structure & Health

Trees respond differently to pruning during different stages of their growth cycles. Pruning should be avoided when trees are most susceptible to pests or disease, during bud break, and during hot dry periods. Read more…

Tree Moving

B & B Tree Service has the knowledge and equipment needed to make your tree transplanting/moving project a success. Our Big John 90” transplanter is the largest in Saskatchewan which guarantees you the most roots; more roots means better survival rates.

Tree Planting

The arborists at B & B are expert tree and shrub planters. Rest assured that your trees will be planted with care, to the correct depth and with the proper soil amendments. We have experience in large scale planting projects. Read More…

Emergency Storm Response

If trees are down or dangerously damaged by wind, ice, snow, or rain, it’s time to call the professionals at B&B tree service. Storm damaged trees can be exceptionally dangerous and are often a challenge to even the most experienced tree worker.

Stump Removal

We are able to remove any stump almost anywhere quickly with little effort. After the stump is removed a beneficial mulch is left that is great for using under plants and trees.

NOTE!– line locates must be done when stumps are near underground utility lines!

Arborist Consultation

A consultation with an arborist provides you with professional recommendations and useful information about your trees.

Tree & Site Assessment

The Arborists at B & B are trained in identifying trees that may pose an above average risk of failure, as well as identifying symptoms and diseases that may lead to a trees decline.

“Identifying risk of tree failure” – We utilize a standardized system developed by the ISA (international society of arboriculture) to rate a trees risk for failure and to estimate the resulting effects of that failure. We take into account the placement of the tree on the property, wind dynamics, age, species, decay, structural flaws, etc. to come up with a risk assessment.

Tree Sales

We source large caliper trees that can be transplanted to your site. Contact us for current availability and pricing.

Cabling & Bracing

There are many common defects in trees that will weaken a trees supporting structure which can eventualy lead to a large part of the tree splitting or breaking off. If noticed early enough these weak points can be secured by using the proper support systems and then carefully monitored. Read more…

Plant Health Care

A plant health care program is a proactive approach to tree care focusing on maintaining the health of the plants rather than reacting to symptoms of problems. The goal of PHC is to maintain tree health by providing the proper growing environment for the plant. The result is healthy trees and a healthy tree is a beautiful tree. Read more…