Benefits of mulch

  1. Moisture retention
  2. Soil aeration
  3. Increased beneficial soil organisms
  4. Moderated soil temperatures
  5. Added organic material to feed plants
  6. Weed control
  7. Aesthetically pleasing

Types of mulch

  • Wood mulch – Offers all the benefits and comes in a variety of shapes & colors. Most wood mulch will draw nitrogen (an important nutrient for plants) from the soil in order to decompose. More green material = more nitrogen, The more nitrogen the faster the mulch will decompose.
  • Utility grade– Mixture of chopped twigs, chipped wood, bark, and foliage. Locally supplied ,most beneficial and cheapest by far. Available for delivery Here
  • Fence-post shavings – Mill grade, uniform, easy to spread, can be colored.
  • Fines – Mill grade wood chips, uniform, can be colored. Cover the root zone of a tree with a layer of mulch 2-6″ thick to make it happy. Be careful to Leave a space between the mulch and the tree trunk, mulch piled against the trunk can be very damaging to the tree!
  • Plastic mulch – Controls weeds and retains moisture, available in rolls, Quick cost effective alternative for mulching large areas of new plants
  • UV protected – lasts years
  • UV sensitive – dissolves in a year
  • Rubber tree ring – Slotted to fit around the trunk of small trees, thick and durable made from recycled rubber, covers a small area around the trunk of the tree