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Why choose B & B Tree Service for your tree maintenance needs?

"The B & B People"

B & B Tree Service is built around a core team of experienced arborists, each with a minimum of 12 years experience in the field. Our team consists of professional trained climbers, skilled bucket operators, and trained tree fellers.

“The B & B Equipment”

B & B Tree Service has the specialized equipment needed for safely and efficiently carrying out tree maintenance contracts of all scopes and sizes. Whether you’re a home owner with a small tree that needs to be removed to make room for a garage, or a large city with thousands of large trees that need to be pruned on a tight deadline, you can rest assured that B & B will take care of it Safely and Efficiently. We currently maintain a fleet of 4 modern forestry bucket trucks and industrial wood chippers to make cleanup easy. As well, we utilize the newest relevant technologies and gear in the industry as it becomes available.

“B & B Focuses on Safety”

Due to the dangers associated with the arboriculture industry we have developed and implemented a safety program that is specific to our trade. It utilizes thorough training, hazard identification and hazard mitigation to create a culture of safety and awareness within the company. Our interactive safety program allows for each member of B & B to have an equal voice on safety related issues.

“B & B Focuses on Quality”

Our goal as professional arborists is to find a balance between the preservation and the functionality of each tree we assess. In other words, meeting the clients specifications while keeping the trees health at the forefront of our mind. This results in a non-biased, informational estimate/evaluation of each potential job to ensure that the client receives maximum Long Term benefits. It takes many years for a tree to grow to maturity so why not consult the professionals at B & B to get all the options before making your final decision to prune, remove, or install hardware in your tree. Once an informed decision has been made rest assured that the job will be done right, from the first cut to final site cleanup. Tree work is what we do and we do it very well!