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Tree Appraisal

A well kept tree will naturally grow in value. Is it possible to put a $ value on a tree? How about lumber or nursery trees. Most people would be surprised to find out that a 70Ft spruce tree in good condition well placed in a landscape is likely to be valued somewhere around $10,000.

When appraising a tree we take into account property value, tree condition, tree size, tree placement, energy savings, tree species, replacement cost, removal costs, and all other benefits trees provide, carefully calculate them together with help from The Counsel of Tree & Landscape Appraisers and you get the fair $ value of your tree.

This service is useful when insuring your trees and landscape, when your tree is in danger of being damaged, or when your tree has been damaged or destroyed due to negligence of another person. If it is for a claim we are able to form a professional written report that will result in a fair settlement.