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Cities, Towns and Municipalities

Municipal Tree Maintenance Contracts

The Maintenance of tree along public thoroughfares is a priority for every community. Pruning of mature trees, removal of declining or hazardous trees, and correctly pruning young trees are equally important in minimizing liability and maintaining a healthy, attractive urban forest. As well, it is important that emergency vehicles have clear and unobstructed passage through back lanes and alleys. We make it easy for cities, towns and municipalities to reach their tree maintenance objectives. One call to B & B Tree Service can eliminate the costs and problems associated with purchasing and maintaining specialized equipment and providing technical and safety training for crew personnel. It will also minimize your liability for work related injury or property damage.

Tree Planting

The arborists at B & B are expert tree and shrub planters. Rest assured that your trees will be planted with care, to the correct depth and specifications. We have experience in large scale planting projects and have the ability to install trees with ease, up to a 60mm caliper. A B & B representative will be happy to assist you in choosing the right size and species for your site and budget.

Post-Disaster Cleanup Operations

B & B Tree Service has the expertise to address and aid in environmental recovery for communities that have been damaged by unexpected natural events.

  • Emergency road clearance
  • Removal of debris from public right of ways
  • Removal of debris from private property (when authorized)
  • Final debris disposal
  • Site remediation
  • Hazard tree evaluations and arborist consultations
Please see emergency storm response on the Services Page)