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Trees require certain nutrients in order to stay healthy. If there is not enough or even too much of one or more of these nutrients the trees will be weakened which may lead to other more serious disorders. Naturally organic material breaks down into the soil which helps to maintain a balanced environment for the trees feeder roots.
In an urban environment much of the organic material is removed which eventually can lead week unhealthy trees.

The most accurate way to determine if there is a nutrient imbalance is to take soil and foliar samples to a lab, but it is possible to determine deficiencies by observing the symptoms a tree exhibits.

The fertilizer we use is a custom blend of all the essential macro & micro nutrients in water. This blend is injected directly into the trees roots zone (deep root injection)

Trees that will benefit from fertilizer

  • Trees with unusually pale foliage
  • Trees in decline
  • Trees growing in poor soil

Benefits of deep root fertilization for trees

  • Increased vigor
  • Greener foliage
  • Increased resistance to disease and pests