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Trees are valuable long term assets that deserve and require long-term care. A Plant health care program is a proactive approach to tree care focusing on maintaining the health of the plants rather than reacting to symptoms of problems. The goal of PHC is to maintain tree health by providing the proper growing environment for the plant. The result is healthy trees and a healthy tree is a beautiful tree.

Our PHC program starts by mapping your site where the trees are and making a list of all the trees. This makes referencing, monitoring and keeping a history of the trees simple. Next we assess your trees and site conditions and prioritize what needs the most attention. From there we can figure out a schedule of work that suites you best. After that the trees will be monitored and checked upon regularly throughout the growing season.

A short term PHC program will leave you with safer better looking trees. With a long term PHC program your trees will be healthier and live longer resulting in added value and dollars saved.

Tree Planting

The arborists at B & B are expert tree and shrub planters. Rest assured that your trees will be planted with care, to the correct depth and with the proper soil amendments. We have experience in large scale planting projects and have the ability to install trees with ease, up to a 30' tall giants. A B & B representative will be happy to assist you in choosing the right size and species for your site and budget. Whether you’re a home owner looking for that perfect tree to offer shade in the summer, or a commercial property developer requiring many trees to be planted B & B is the right choice for your planting needs.

Tree and bush clearing / Slashing crews

B & B Tree Service is the right choice for your tree and bush clearing and slashing needs. If you need an area cleared of trees and bush give us a call. We start by meeting with our clients on site to evaluate the most efficient and environmentally sensitive approach to their clearing project. Bush mowers are great for small trees, bushes, and stump removal but are often inefficient when dealing with larger trees or a mixture of bush and large trees. They can also throw material from the cutting heads which can be hazardous. Bulldozers result in large unsightly piles of soil and wood waste which often needs to be burned or hauled away resulting in an additional expense. As well, it is difficult to be selective with such large machines and often neighboring trees not selected for removal are directly damaged or suffer damage to the root system which can lead to death or failure in the future. Our team can remove trees and brush from the selected area without causing any negative effects to adjoining vegetation. As well, you have the option of salvaging the larger trunks for valuable lumber or firewood and if you wish, you can even save the wood chips for use at a later time. We are equipped with industrial mobile wood chippers that are capable of processing large volumes of limbs and brush in a very short period of time and can chip up to a 14” diameter tree if needed! For larger clearing projects we can work in partnership with heavy equipment contractors as a slashing crew.